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KUKA makes the difference – with sensitive, light, scalable robotics for every production area. Designing automation to be even more intuitive and introducing it into new areas – that is our passion.

As a pioneer and driver of innovative automation solutions, we do not define our standards by what already exists, but rather by the needs of the future. Already in 2004, we set a milestone in the history of robotics with the world’s first cobot. Thereupon, we have merged additional strands and interwoven them to form novel production landscapes in which humans, technology and data streams are networked.

The result of this synergy – the LBR iisy – is incredibly effective and impressive both in industrial series production and in environments with dynamic, unstructured workplaces previously closed to automation.

Industrially proven and at any workplace in no time? _It's iisy.

The LBR iisy masters diverse worlds of production.

Thanks to its industry-proven technology, it can be integrated into predefined production processes in no time at all. In equal measure, the new lightweight robot also excels ad hoc in open, unstructured work environments with unpredictable and volatile conditions from one job to the next.


Can a cobot be programmed by an expert as well as by anyone?_It's iisy.

Operator control concepts for every skill level -  from Java programming to easy teaching of the cobot by manual guidance_It's iisy.

The LBR iisy can be immediately operated by anyone –from an automation expert to a cobotics newcomer. Featuring various operator levels, the user-friendly system adapts highly flexibly to the corresponding level of user knowledge. As a result, the LBR iisy is equally at home in complex areas of automation as in unstructured environments where it interacts with semi-skilled personnel who have received only a minimum of training.

Professional tools for enhance effectiveness

With the KUKA Simulation Suite, simple or complex production sequences can be defined, tested and optimized directly on a desktop. The results are then simply transferred to the real production environment.

The cloud-based 天津时时彩一天开多少期KUKA Connect platform enables the monitoring and optimization of applications by delivering useful key performance indicators and process data.


Complex operating tasks on the LBR iisy can be mastered via the KUKA smartPAD.

Easy access through various operator levels

  1. A powerful programming environment allows experts to implement even the most complex of applications.

  2. The newly developed graphical user interface makes for fast and intuitive parameterization of work sequences without specific programming knowledge being required.

  3. The LBR iisy can be easily taught by simple manual guidance.

Fast and intuitive parameterization with the newly-developed graphical user interface.

Self-adjusting cobot makes for maximum flexibility

The LBR iisy can be programmed to adapt automatically to new work stations.

In search run mode, for example, it locates relevant screw positions, carries out fine adjustment of components and tightens screws autonomously. Even in the vicinity of existing machines, the cobot works independently and reliably in the exact position in relation to the workpiece.

Workplaces do not have to be modified since the LBR iisy adapts flexibly to its surrounding conditions.

The LBR iisy can be operated easily by anyone – including by means of manual guidance.

From masterpiece to mass production in seconds?_It's iisy.

Intelligent from batch size of 1 all the way to mass production - quick transfer knowledge to all workplaces of the same design_It's iisy.

The LBR iisy is intelligent and extremely flexible. Thanks to its connectivity, it can adapt immediately to any manufacturing requirement. It produces the smallest of batches in no time at all and shares its knowledge with many other cobots. It interacts safely and sensitively with humans. Working on its own, it easily meets the performance requirements for high-speed applications.

Once taught, the LBR iisy can easily share its knowledge with other cobots.

Simply masterful - working alone or in a swarm

Since the LBR iisy can be taught extremely quickly, it fascinates users with its competitively low integration costs. Once it has been programmed, it can transfer its work processes to any number of LBR iisy cobots in no time at all.

Sensitive and fast

Despite its low procurement costs, the LBR iisy has high-grade joint torque sensors integrated in all six axes.

They respond to the slightest of external forces and offer certified collision protection.

When working on its own, the cobot delivers unique performance in the production environment.

The LBR iisy interacts safely and sensitively with humans.

Surpreme product quality

The LBR iisy fundamentally helps to enhance the work environment significantly.

The smart, collaborative division of tasks between humans and cobots leads to increased precision and speed.

This results in higher-grade, more flexible workplaces and improved product quality.

The LBR iisy ensures increased product quality.

It comes as ordered - equipped for universal or application-specific use "out of the box"

KUKA will offer preconfigured application modules and system components online in order to equip the LBR iisy for current needs in no time at all. As a result, the capabilities of the LBR iisy can be individually adapted to the respective process requirements at any time.

Technical data

Number of axes 6
Rated payload 3 kg
Max. reach 600 mm
Weight (excluding controller), approx. 18,8 kg
Safety for HRC PL d / Cat 3

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